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Kenco Singles

Each Sleeve contains 20 Capsules
Each Case contains 160 Singles Capsules (8 sleeves of 20).
Kenco Medium Roast

Kenco Medium Roast (160 capsules) – Code 53525
A medium roasted ground coffee ideal for everyday drinking.
Kenco Dark Roast
Kenco Dark Roast (160 capsules) – Code 53524
A dark roasted ground coffee with a rich continental taste.
Kenco Decaffeinated

Kenco Decaffeinated (160 capsules) – Code 53523
The smooth, balanced taste of Kenco ground coffee, decaffeinated.





PG Tips Leaf Tea

PG Tips Leaf Tea (160 capsules) – Code 83425
One of the nation’s favourite teas* made with at least 50% certified tea.




Suchard Hot Chocolate

Suchard Hot Chocolate (160 capsules) – Code 606735
A rich, indulgent hot chocolate flavour drink.



Instant Cappuccino

Instant Cappuccino (160 capsules) – Code 636599
A sweet and frothy instant cappuccino.





Carte Noire
Carte Noire (160 capsules) – Code 79761
A medium to strong, rich and smooth coffee – the connoisseur’s choice.




Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Twinings Earl Grey Tea (160 capsules) – Code 82749
A light black tea flavoured with bergamot.




Twinings Peppermint Infusion

Twinings Peppermint Infusion (160 capsules) – Code 244655
A refreshing, minty drink – naturally caffeine free.






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